rajkotupdates.news : microsoft gaming company to buy activision blizzard for rs 5 lakh crore

Gaming enthusiasts, get ready to be blown away! In the latest news that has taken the gaming world by storm, Microsoft Gaming Company is all set to acquire Activision Blizzard for a whopping Rs 5 lakh crore. Yes, you heard it right! This deal has sent shockwaves throughout the industry and gamers have been eagerly awaiting more information on what this merger could mean for their favorite games. So sit tight and let’s delve into the exciting details of this massive acquisition on rajkotupdates.news.

Microsoft to buy Activision Blizzard for Rs 5,000 crore

Microsoft is all set to acquire the gaming company Activision Blizzard for a whopping Rs 5,000 crore. The Redmond giant has been in talks to buy the company for some time now and it seems that things have finally come together. This acquisition will help Microsoft strengthen its position in the gaming market.

Activision Blizzard is one of the biggest gaming companies out there and its brands include Call of Duty, Destiny and World of Warcraft. With this acquisition, Microsoft will become a major player not just in the console gaming market but also in the world of online games. This move will help the company solidify its position as one of the leading software providers in the world.

What this means for the gaming industry

Microsoft is set to purchase Activision Blizzard for Rs. 98,000 crore ($15 billion). This deal will make Microsoft the second-largest gaming company in the world. This acquisition will give Microsoft access to Activision Blizzard’s franchises including Call of Duty, Destiny, and World of Warcraft. The combined company will be able to offer even more games and services to its customers. This is good news for gamers who will now have more opportunities to enjoy their favorite games.

What this means for employees of Activision Blizzard

Microsoft is buying Activision Blizzard for a whopping Rs. 73,000 crore ($10.5 billion). This means that the gaming company will be under Microsoft’s umbrella and it will continue to operate as an independent company. However, many employees of Activision Blizzard are likely to lose their jobs following the acquisition. Microsoft has stated that it will create new job opportunities in the gaming industry, but this is unlikely to appease those employees who are likely to be displaced by the deal. Activision Blizzard is one of the largest video game companies in the world and its products include popular franchises like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft. This acquisition is likely to further consolidation in the video game industry and could lead to even more expensive games for consumers.

What this means for the world of video games

Video games have become an integral part of many people’s lives, and the industry is worth billions of dollars. Microsoft has announced that it is buying Activision Blizzard for Rs. 97,000 crore ($15 billion). This deal will create one of the largest video game companies in the world.

This merger will give Microsoft a strong foothold in the gaming market. The two companies have different brands and franchises, but they share many common features. For example, both companies make games for consoles and PCs. This means that their games will be accessible to a much wider audience than if they were to maintain separate businesses.

The acquisition also gives Microsoft access to some of the biggest names in video gaming. Activision Blizzard owns such well-known brands as Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and Overwatch. These franchises are some of the most popular in the world, and they bring in millions of dollars every year.

This acquisition is a big win for Microsoft shareholders. It will allow the company to compete better with other major players in the gaming market. Furthermore, it will provide new opportunities for video game developers who work with Activision Blizzard’s platforms.

What this means for the future of Microsoft

Microsoft is acquiring the gaming company Activision Blizzard for a total of $16 billion. This move signals Microsoft’s intent to become a dominant player in the gaming industry. Activision Blizzard is one of the largest game companies in the world, and this acquisition will give Microsoft increased access to new customers and content.

This acquisition will also give Microsoft more resources to compete with rivals like Sony and Nintendo. The purchase is expected to be completed by the end of 2018, and it will result in the closure of several Activision Blizzard studios around the world. However, some jobs are expected to be saved as a result of the acquisition.


Microsoft has announced that it has agreed to buy Activision Blizzard for $52 billion, making the software giant one of the most powerful video game companies in the world. This move signals a changing of the guard in the gaming industry, as Microsoft moves into a more dominant role. This purchase could have far-reaching consequences for both consumers and businesses, as it will likely lead to increased competition between video game platforms and greater diversity of games available.


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